Sunday, May 07, 2006

unit 624

work: interior design

styling by wilan dayrit

furniture by mighty mike and danylin's
vases by luisa robinson

coffee table by casa viejo
wire sculpture by ann pamintuan
rug by triple a

abstract painting by marina cruz
painting on the left by riza romero
paper vase by tess pasola
painting (under the table) by giovanni delarosa

this doesn't look like this now...

my unit.


kampanaryo_spy said...

i attended the opening of last year's October FAME where Sec. Favila was the Guest Speaker and where a guy sang a capella---as invocation---bocelli's THE PRAYER and "pyokked". it was there that i saw these humongous wire animals by ann pamintuan.

when surigao del sur was still part of region 11 and ann was a davao-based (still is) struggling entrepreneur doing electroplated insects and flowers (love her firm name: gilded expressions),we used to go together to the national trade fair at PTTC.

then surigao got severed from region 11 and became part of caraga and ann and i somehow lost contact. still i keep track of her entrepreneurial trajectory through local and international magazines!

ann has gone a long way and this is the reason why i evade her now like a plague.

why am i telling you this? oh well, search me. or better still, sue me. @_@

nice blog. really. (haha bumawi ba!)


decorator said...


tell me about it... or better yet, e-mail me--

kampanaryo_spy said...


which one? ann or the one who "pyokked?" ha-ha.

decorator said...

got your e-mail kampanaryo. quite sad.