Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Real Living Photos

photo by Ocs Alvarez
at UP Hardin ng Rosas

photo by Ocs Alvarez

photo by Bahaghari MFI
at Robinson's Movieworld


kampanaryo_spy said...

cool site you got here. at least now i don't have to buy "real living" and "my home" for some innovative ideas hahahaha

i have quite a collection of design mags but mostly back issues. @-@ you see, surigao is a long swim from davao or even butuan. subscribe? no, thanks. it takes eons for the mag to reach me because everybody at the 'turtle house' has to read it first and never let go until it's tattered and torn.


decorator said...

apparently, subscription is still not that efficient in this country...

oh, dont treat my blog as a resource site... this is not the magazine. not a bit.


Mariel said...

Gwyn!! Ang galing nito. Artsy pero not trying-hard :) Thanks for dropping by my blog, I just saw your comment, left a note for you there :)
Mishu, mwah!